96 GT Walboro 255 Install


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Jul 16, 2002
Currently not getting enough fuel for my cobra engine. Is this something i should install my self or bring to a shop ? Does anybody know of step by step instructions with pictures online ? I seen them before and cant find them now.
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I did mine myself, not too bad. I suggest running the fuel down as low as possible because the tank is kinda heavy and akward. Also buy a Haynes manual for about $15 at the parts store, it has step by step instructions for everything.
I forgot i have a haynes :doh:. Guess il give it a read see if it has pics. I got some instructions i just wanna make sure they are accurate. Cause this fuel pump will work for 86-97 5.0/4.6 and dont wanna be reading fox body install if its different.
run it as low as possible. Gas is around 6lbs per gallon, and you'll probably have afew gallons left even on "E" so the weight adds up real quick. Fumes aren't an issue if the area your working in is ventilated.

Brass tools? He's not putting on a sump, just spinning off the pickup and pulling out the pump assembly. Everything can be done away from the tank until you need to put the pump assembly back in. Don't forget the new O-ring gasket on the tank. Don't ask me how I know that :(

Buy a helms manual. After reading a helms, you'll use your haynes/chiltons as fire starter. My helms (t-bird) is full of inaccurate torque specs and even improper plug wire routes.
let me know how you make out...I just got my Walbro 255lph HP pump in today. I know my car is down below an 1/8 of a tank so i'm gonna drop the tank next weekend and do the pump/fuel filter. Just one more thing to cross of the list before the new setup goes in.