97 black GT


New Member
Feb 28, 2008
this is the link to the 97 GT I bought a couple of weeks ago..there are a couple of pics of the car and the motor that Im gonna install SOON...keep in mind I only paid $900 for the car and it was sittin in a parkin lot of some apartments for almost 3 yrs...The guy I bought it from said a dealership in our local area told him he had a bad cylinder and the motor needed to be replaced..since I brought it home I have started it several times..and it idled and for 15-20 mins..weird..no knocking or check engine lights..but still gonna swap the motor since I have it now..the new motor is an 04' end of production left over...the car still needs lots of work and I am stocking up on the parts to do all the swaps and upgrades at once...let me know if the link doesnt work...

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