99/01 cobra intake spacer?


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Mar 14, 2004
does anyone know what company is making the intake spacer for the 99 and up cobras.

goes under the IAC. I need it for new injector space. :D
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Just installed the PHP intake spacer. A really easy, low bucks mod. No dyno yet, but impressive SOTP. Accelerates smoothly and has more torque below 3,000. So far, well worth the money.

Has anyone else tried it?
I thought of machining one of these like 4 years ago, but I didnt believe it would do much. How do you bolt up the EGR tube after that spacer is on? Doesnt seem like it would reach anymore.
What are your gains?
The EGR pipe has a couple of bends in it that straighten out pretty easy. I read in another forum where the guy took it off and tried to reshape it in a vise but had an awful time getting it to line back up. I just removed the EGR valve from the upper manifold, pulled it to the side and installed the spacer. Very easy. I then took a large prybar, placed a piece if wood on the manifold and carefully pulled the pipe up. It stretched easily. It only needs to move 3/8". Then all I had to do was align the bolt holes and bolt it up. Be sure you can get the bolts in several turns by hand before using the wrench. It all worked fine.

I haven't dyno'ed it yet but SOTP if accelerates smoother and quicker below 3,000.
Easy install, the EGR tube takes a bit of persuation but that is all.

Here are a couple of pics:



This photo is with NO spacer in place:


This photo is WITH spacer in place:


All installed:

I want one for my 98 Cobra. This is not fair. Everyone quit making stuff for our cars. I would at least like one of these. You all with the 99 and newer models get everything. I would like to have a predator too, but i don't see that happening either.