99+ FRPP Hood Pin Installation? Hood Pin Angle?


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Dec 6, 2000
I searched for awhile on this topic and found some useful information... however I do not yet completely understand if the FRPP hood pin kit will fit on a 99+ car and if not, how to fix the problem. I have a Steeda Q400 hood and am planning on installing the FRPP hood pin kit... will they be too short to reach the top of the hood? Also, how have some of you fixed this issue? I have read things involoving threaded pipe/tubing and also something about welding nuts to the radiator support? If anyone has pictures and detailed information about this issue, it would be greatly appreciated.

On another note, I have read some great tips about marking the position of the hole from the underside with a little grease on the pins. Awesome idea to whoever came up with that. However, how can you be sure that you are drilling the holes at the correct angle for the pins to slip through? This is one thing I have been stuck on and want to figure out before I turn my pricey hood into a piece of swiss cheese... Thanks!
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It seems the best way to deal with mounting the hood pins on the radiator cross-member on our cars to ensure enough height is:

1) Remove the hood bump-stops (or whatever they're called) and widen the holes a little bit.
2) Weld one of the hoodpin nuts to the frame over the hole.
3) The way to get the pin to "lock" in place is to place the other nut on the pin, and then screw the pin onto the welded nut. You can then screw the nuts together, and they'll lock.

As far as drilling the hood, I think as long as you use the grease trick, and then maybe use a hole saw, you'll have enough room for the hood to close on the pins without issue.
i have the steeda hood also and the frpp kit too. its not installed yet either due to the same reasons.....i dont want to f_ _ _ it up! im just hoping to come across a good shop that knows what they are doing with hood pin installs. :shrug:
The installation doesn't seem too bad, from the tips I have compiled this is how I'll be doing it:

1. Drill out holes where the stock rubber stops are.
2. Get a nut welded onto the top of those holes.
3. Install pins with a lock nut.
4. Put a wide piece of masking tape on underneath of hood where hood will contact pins.
5. Put a dab of grease on top of pins and let the hood down (grease will mark on masking tape where to drill).
6. At this point with the hood resting on the pins I am going to check the angle at which the pins will intersect with the hood to get a better idea for the angle I should be drilling at.
7. Put a lot of wide masking tape on top of hood to keep the fiberglass gelcoat from cracking.
8. Drill small pilot hole from the underside to the top of hood.
9. Check pilot hole alignment.
10. Drill larger size hole to fit pin from the topside down using the pilot hole as a guide.

I am not sure if the masking tape is necessary, but my hood is black and it will help to see the grease marks from the pins for the pilot hole. I also have been told the gelcoat can develop spider cracks from drilling and that masking tape will prevent that. If anyone can think of any other suggestions or finds something wrong with my procedure, please lemme know...