Interior and Upholstery a/c blower low air flow

Jan 10, 2011
93 coupe 4 cylinder.

a/c works. Vents have low air flow. Evaporator is clean (verified visually through the hole with blower removed). Blower works on all of the switch positions. Is not stuck on Defrost and the "doors" (inside the box) seem to be working fine. Everything works, BUT it seems like airflow is lower than "expected". I have had this car about 2 years and it's always been this way, my '92 GT is mostly the same way but I don't drive it much and currently is apart so I can't check it. Vents appear to be working (visually inspected). Disconnected the blower connector, I'm seeing 12.3V across the 2 pin connector with the engine running. Did a voltage drop test across the resistor with the a/c on high (blower hooked up and running "full blast"), seeing 0.2v drop across it which I ASSume is acceptable.

Did some searching and found nothing conclusive or relative to my situation.

Any other ideas?
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