A/C Leak


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Nov 13, 2003
So my A/C hasn't worked in two summers so I figured I should fix it. I just replaced the low pressure cycling switch (LPCS). But I have noticed that there is a leak here where the metal line turn to the rubber hose.


I wonder wondering what do I replace? Does the hose just pull out or is it a special hose fitted with the metal cap? All the freon has leaked up when I pressed the low-side schrader(sp?) valve with a screwdriver.

What steps need to be taken for proper fixing. Does the system need to be evacuated, etc?
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Ick. That's all one hose assembly leading from the passenger firewall, over to the A/C pump and around to the A/C radiator. Expensive to replace. I don't know if you can get the hose fixed.
Chances are all the freon is gone anyway, so you won't have to evacuate. I swapped the compressor, dryer, and hoses a while back when the compressor seized. You will need the A/C disconnect tools to replace the lines. I ended up getting the replacement lines at Napa, but I'm sure other places carry them as well. The nice thing is it all comes in one assembly.

Here is a link to the Napa part.
Hose Assembly
Like others have said above you will need a special tool to diconnect the ac lines. The entire ac line assembly does not need to be replaced, an ac shop can put new rubber hoses on the hardlines (this is what i did, its cheaper :D ). Before you put it all back togeather replace all of the o-rings and any time the system has been opened up the reciever drier needs to be replaced. Once back togeather, you need to get gauge set and a vacuum pump (some auto parts stores rent them out). Pull the system down to a vacuum to clean out all moisture or particles and see if it will maintain the vacuum. If it does hold vacuum you are leak free :nice: . Feed the system as many cans as it will take of freon with some good additives like stop leak and dye and you are done.