A fellow Stanger Needs Help

ok My buddies 96 was running like s**t so we changed the plugs, wires, and distributor cap, well it still ran like crap so we took it to a shop and his bell housing is cracked would this effect how his car would run? also the shop said they can get him a new tranny for 1300 installed it is a AOD, so can you take the bell housing off of those or are they attached to the body we need help quick before he gets it fixed? :shrug: I just think the shop wants to :owned: him

any opinons are welcome
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Can you clarify what you mean by "running like s**t"???

We need some additional information.

If the bell housing is cracked, I don't know what that would do to the car. Seeing as it's an AOD, I guess it could somehow make his torque converter screw up. But I know nothing of AOD drivelines.

Is the engine missing at idle? Certain speeds? Please be very specific, and any information will be of use. Like any recent modifications to the car, as well as current mods from stock, etc.
Green 94 5.0 said:
a cracked bellhousing will have no effect on anything. the bellhousing is part of the transmission on automatics. the thing that is really confusing me though is that you changed the distributor cap on a 96. :confused:

LOL. I didn't even think of that!!! Something is awry here!
ok my bad it is the last year of the 5.0 i am not up to snuff on anything after 93 they just dont intrest me anyways it idles like it has a huge cam and misses at low rpms. i didnt think the bell housing would cause it to run like crap at all how do you clean the throttle body? ect also would the O2 sensors make it run bad also? sorry for the mis understanding about the year
Have you tried to pull the codes??? theres a ton of issues that could fit the problem..
Take a run to Autozone...i hear they will pull the codes for free...may just save you alot of time and frustration...the scanner is less than 20.00 to buy it...if you have an 0/2 issue or an ignition related problem, odds are the scanner will pinpoint it....
if you did a full tune-up and it still runs like jack, it may be sensor related????

Have you tried any of the ideas mentioned??? clean the Maf, TB, whats the fuel pressure??? are the new plugs fouled or lean looking??? the list goes on and on...
when your bring the revs up does it come out of it???
it shakes like it has a comp 305 in it. it misses at low rmps and today i drove it and it misses at 4000+ so i have no clue. he is getting the transmission i told him to hold off so we can pull the codes my dad bought a code tester but he is gettitng it in tomorrow and he said after that we can pull the codes. I saw the crack in his bell housing but i still dont understand why the shop told him it would cause a loss of power
th stang is in the shop and i apoligze for the year mistake i didnt know for sure what year it was but i know it was the last year of the 5.0. it is in the shop and getting a new tranny in it so i dunno what is going to happen well see......
Makes sense..surprised no one thought of that?? We must be slipping... :D

You never did throw a timing light on it did you??? You might have noticed a bigtime wobble...did your bud see the balancer they removed?