A few completely unrelated questions.


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Apr 29, 2004
Medicine Hat, AB
First, has anyone ever seen a 94-98 Mustang painted mineral grey? If anyone has pics, how bout posting them. I wanna paint my car mineral grey and I'd like to have an idea of how it'd look. I tried asking for a photoshop but noone replied.

Second (THIS IS THE ONE THAT MAKES ME LOOK DUMB), so I'm pulling the plastic inserts out of my stock hood, I pull out the entire little vent section there, and I notice that the hood looks to be fibreglass. Am I crazy? Or is my stang's stock hood fibreglass.... :shrug:
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first question yes there is pics of a Sn95 pained mineral Grey, Not sure where the pics are at but im sure someone has them or can find them for u.

2nd question.... The top of the factory hood is fiberglass and the bottom piece is steel/metal, Not sure really because i dont have a stock hood and havent seen one inawhile :D

Here's the link http://www.cardomain.com/memberpage/401773
theres a guy on Mach registry that had a 95 painted Min grey with the Saleen front bumper and taillight covers that looked sick....
the one above may be it.
i say go for it.
Thanks fella's, that's pretty much exactly the look i'm going for, except I want the black Saleen 18 x 9's. I have to register with the Turbomustangs site before i can see the second one though. :nice:
hey guys i got a 98 gt vert. with tan top and tint. how do you think that color would look like on mine.

Like poo? just a thought since i wil have to repaint mine in about 8 months( rock chips and parking lots.)