a little help with valve springs


Apr 5, 2004
I have the tfs stage 1 cam. I think I heard that stock springs are only good for .500 lift. with the tfs cam being .510, Is it really critical I change the springs? I already got it together, so I'd prefer not to pull it apart, but if it is an absolute must, I will. If I do have to change them, which ones should I get and from where? I'd appreciate it, this car is so close to being on the road. :shrug:
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just got my car on the road with my stage one cam and i used the tfs sring kit for gt-40 heads.paid like 130 for it at summitt.dont have much driving time on them but works good so far.btw you cant use them with 1.7's cause you will be to high on the exhaust side.i found that out after i already had the 1.7's and had to send them back for 1.6's. good luck phil
I would go ahead and change out the springs. I put the TFS spring kit on my GT 40P heads. Maybe someday I will actually get the heads on the car. You can get a spring compressor from sears that doesn't need to have the heads pulled to use it. It relies on air pressure. Basically you rotate the crank to the point where both valves on a cylinder are closed. Take out he spark plug and put in an adapter that the hose from your compressor will connect to. You pressurize the cylinder with the air compressor and the air pressure keeps the valve in place as you remove the spring and change it out.