A question of value


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Jan 16, 2007
Hicksville, NY
what's the value of

An "A" code 289, complete with buddy bar Cobra valve covers, stock 4V carb, with tag, and intake tag? I have the gold air cleaner, or most of it, and the original distributor.
The only thing I don't have is the orginal oil pan. ( I think. I may have it too.)

The engine is from the 65 Ranchero I had a while ago. The motor turns over by hand, but feels sloppy, like it has a spun bearing. I have it at home on a stand.
I think that with the tags, having not been bored, even with the spun bearing, this assembly is worth at least 700.00

How far off am I, and why? :shrug:
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I'd say the value is a bit closer to $200 if it has damage. The A code 289 is exactly the same as the C code 289 with the exception of the intake manifold. If the bearing is spun, the block isn't worth fixing in my opinion. The valve covers have value, as does a stock, cast iron 4bbl intake, but that's about it. Just my opinion, I've been wrong before.
I didn't see any damage to the block, it's just when you turn the dampner it feels like something is 'loose', or spun, maybe.
I know to replace the valve covers will be around two hundred, the intake when cleaned and painted is worth a hundred, the carb is a complete rebuildable core, and I've seen similar ones to mine sell for over a hundred.
As a collection of parts, I think it's worth more.
If I parted out the motor, I can see not getting 700.00 for it, but with everything still 'there', I think it's worth more than 200.00.
Oh well. Not really motivated to sell it off yet.