Accufab 65TB questions


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Feb 16, 2001
Oh Fox gurus.... :D Im running a 93 Cobra set-up on my 95..I want to buy a NEW 65mm TB....seems alot of places are out of the FMS ones, so I'm thinking Accufab, and the price is right....

Problem I see is the TPS/IAC sensors..I didnt notice Accufab sells then for their TBs?? or did I miss that....So where do i get GOOD sensors??? go directly to Ford? or a link to some good stuff thats worked for you would be cool....I have heard some good bad stuff autoparts store replacement stuff....

Thanks in advance....I know some guys on this forum run Accufab stuff...

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Jan 15, 2002
Dallas, GA
Looks nice! :nice: I like the way you did the intake, I never did understand why people ran that elbow especailly if you can do it as you did. Cheaper and looks better.

Back to your question. Some autoparts store's parts really do suck. They get their parts from the cheapest sourse possible, because they are selling to the general public only and so price is more an issue than quality. The only store I really trust is NAPA because they deal with buisnesses more than the general public. I would try to get OEM parts whenever possible. Sometimes Ford parts arn't much more expensive than aftermarket.


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Apr 10, 2002
Wilmington NC
Maybe I'm too late now but oh well. I have a 70mm Accufab on mine and
1) it works great. No whistle like other brands, no sticking, etc
2) stock tps fits on it quite nicely and adjusts to proper voltage with no problems at all

Now, as far as buying a t.p. goes, I'd go oem or use the old one. I've seen people have problems with aftermarket ones too many times.