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Nov 23, 2005
margate NJ
I just checked and adjusted the TPS.The voltage was like 76 before and now it is 94 but I had to oblong the holes in the TPS to get it that high. after reading a few posts it seems like the train of thought is a setting of like 98 to 99 but to tell you the truth after driving the car it doesnt seem much more powerful. I did notice that the car seems like it is cruising with less effort and is kinda quieter. After I adjusted it I had the battery disconnected for like 15 mins then I took her out.Im hoping my MPG will improve since it was only getting around 13 MPG.I also cleaned the MAF sensor with electrical cleaner
hoping that would help with the mileage.
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"How long does it take to get help in here?
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Nov 29, 1999
I would not count on any milage change. The TPS should zero out upon start up/closed throttle if it can. If it cant (being out of the adaptive limit), it should toss a code.

Guys adjust it to try and help with surging, not milage.

Some folks have dropped theirs down as low as ~.50 volts to find best results.

Good luck.