AFR 165 or tf tw or other?

Well my birthday is coming up in May and my wife asked me if i could have anything i wanted for my car what would it be? I said a set of afr 165 heads, she said she was going to ask both of our parents for money to help buy me a set of heads for my B-day :D .

So which heads do you guys think would best suit my combo, I don't want to have to flycut my pistons or buy new ones for that matter. If y'all need to know anything else about my combo just ask.

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Both are great. You really can't go wrong with your combo... it really depends on how much you wanna spend. If you do get the TF ones... get the Track Heat heads for the upgraded springs.
Seems to be a toss up between tf and afr. I'm still leaning towards the AFR's unless someone can give me a good reason to go for something else. The price difference between AFR and TF is only $1-200, so since I won't be paying thats not a big issue. I'm open to suggestions of other heads if anyone has any.
If you do decide on AFRs, actually FINDING them is hard to do. I wasn't going to wait WEEKS to get them, so I did some hard searching. I came up with two venders that ALWAYS has them in stock... and I got mine from Jegs... And they price matched AD Performance. I did this only because Jegs is a big name and I knew I would get it fast and from a reputable dealer. :nice:

I used to want AFRs but if I bought some I'd go with the TWs probably. They make almost the same amount of power and are not CNC and have bigger combustion chambers. So I think think the TWs have more room for growth if you need it later (porting). You can get the TWs CNC'd now but they are around $1600 or $1700 I think.
Can anyone tell me if you can use the AFR 185's with stock pistons? One of my friends was telling me tonight that you could but you have to get the 61cc heads? Can someone verify this or is it not possible without flycutting the pistons?

Also could someone reccomend a timing set and a good cam/lifter/pushrod setup for me provided I would be using the AFR 165's. I've been looking at comp cams but I'm not to sure what size cam would be good for me and when it comes to the timing chain/lifters/and pushrods I'm completely lost.
Don't overlook the Edelbrock heads either..I can't say enough about the set I put on my car just over a yr ago. The price is really quite good in comparison and the springs will not need upgrading to carry to 6000 rpm with your cam. The AFR's are GREAT heads but the 185's likely will not like the stock pistons at all.
You could use the afr 185 heads with an e303. You just could not go much bigger with your cam. You could probably get the 165s with the 1.94 intake valves and get a little bit bigger cam shaft, or you could get the TW heads and get a bigger cam than both due to the valves being canted. If you are not going to change the I think the heads are a toss up.