Aftermarket Exhaust actually is a gas saver


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May 7, 2004
@ the z00 in chicago
Anyone else get the feeling after doing a almost full exhaust change (minus headers) you save more gas? It seems i always have to get above a certain RPM (gas sucking high rpm's) in order to enjoy the sound of the car. Yes, i blame it on a 6 cat hpipe robbing me of my precious gas. I know im the one pushing the gas padel, but damn if i had 2 cats or 0 cats i could be loud w/o revving high. The people with o/r pipes seem to drive there car more respectly since there exhaust can scream bloody murder if there not tame.

When i drove my friends car with catted h and flows i could keep the stang in lower rpms and enjoy the sound. Now with my car i cant do that :bang: no matter how hard i try. Anyone else have that problem with the stock exhaust or part of the stock exhaust??? I know alot of people with just a catback crusing @ 2k on purpose for the drone spot. :shrug:

The day i get my 1st or 2nd paycheck is the day i order a catted hpipe!


Is the day i join the club where the mustang owners actually have a car that sounds like a TRUE v8 mustang.
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