aftermarket mirror question


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Feb 15, 2008
alright so I have a it is pretty necessary that I have map lights...but I have a question...if I upgrade my factory mirror to an aftermarket mirror with map lights, auto dimming, compass and you think that the map lights would normally turn on when I open the doors...

my mirror does not have a switch built onto it (I'm pretty sure I can only turn them on using the headlight switch and twisting it to the left)

all the aftermarket mirrors I have seen come with switches for each individual map I was wondering if that would interfere with the map lights turning on when I open the door?

here is the mirror I was looking into
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Jul 21, 2005
My thought is the wiring probably has at least three wires; ground, power, and accessory... That being the case, find where the wire is for your traditional door lights to come on and tap into that for your accessory wire. Then again, I have never wired a mirror so I could be way off but it could be a start. It may be activated on a solenoid which would also be easy to wire. Just go to your local autozone/schucks and purchase a relay switch and hook it up tapping into the same wires.

Hope that helps! :)