Air Filters


New Member
Feb 7, 2003
melbourne, australia
Ok just a quick, simple one. Do u guys think it's worth swapping over my normal 14" paper element air filter for a K&N filter. I read a lot of things about how they boost performance and then other guys will say they do absolutely nothing. Any thoughts? it's for a 66 coupe with standard bonnet or hood as u guys would say!
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I just use a plain Fram 14" Triad filter, mainly because it's cheap (coupons in the Sunday paper helps). Sure K&N will flow more air, but I'm not after maximum horsepower all the time, just cruising. I've had K&N air filters on an offroad bug, and it did do a great job with the dust and dirt, but I think that was the original purpose of those filters.
I did the swap to K&N also when I bought it. Can't say I noticed much at cruising, but on top of the reusable part which I am all for, I usually don't worry about sparing expenses on my stang as I plan to have it a long time. I think when I open the hood up to ram that cold air down there I would notice a difference from paper though.