air/fuel ratio gauge


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Mar 13, 2008
i am looking for a air/fuel ratio gauge that can monitor both the left and right side and that is pretty cheap,i want to install a dual pillar pod,or the one that goes in my vent on my car and i found a gauge thats 2 inches and the pods are all for 2 1/16 or 2 5/8,anyone have any suggestions
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Narrowband o2 sensors and gauges aren't really worth the cost. If you are looking to accurately see what each side of the engine is putting out you need to use a wideband, and for both sides you would need two.

If you are interested in tuning the car yourself than a wideband o2 setup and something like the tweecer is a good idea, but for everyday purposes it hardly worth the cost.

Unless you have a compelling reason, put your money towards an oil pressure gauge or a fuel pressure gauge.
well i was wondering about the air fuel gauge becuz i had seen one at oreillys that was a iequus or somethin like that,and it was only $30 and it had a gauge for both left and right side.i was curious about it.
I would agree with putting the money towards a WB or other parts. If you really wanna do it, you can use one gauge for both banks. You'd have a switch to toggle between the banks. Having only one guage saves money on aspirin (the flashing lights are annoying IMHO).

Good luck.
The A/F gauges that use the O2 sensor signal will jump all over the place. The reason is that the O2 sensors "switch" between
.2 volt lean and .6 volt rich with a curve that looks like the drop off a high cliff. The curve is almost straight up and down, so the
voltage shoots from .2 to .6 and back down . again 2 or more times a second at cruse. You won't get much useful information
except when the mixture is extremely lean or extremely rich, there is no middle ground.

If the idea of a useless light show still sounds interesting, here's how to wire it up...

Use 43 (Dark Blue/Lt Green wire) or pin 29 (Dark Green/Pink wire ) on the computer. Use Wire tap-ins from Radio shack P/N 64-3052.
The computer is located under the passenger side kick panel. That keeps you from having to crawl under the car and make a weather proof splice in the wiring. You can use either one, or run a SPDT switch and use both. Then you can use the switch to select which side to view.


See the following website for some help from Tmoss (diagram designer) & Stang&2Birds (website host)

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