alarm question


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Sep 14, 2003
aight guys i have a 99 v6 with the factory keyless entry. i wanna get the viper alarm. i havent really looked into it yet. jus started. ok my question is after it is installed am i goin to have two remotes? one for factory and one for alarm? thanx
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What does the stock alarm do? Seriously, Someone threw a rock into my windshield and alomst shattered and my alarm didnt go off.. And one time I was rocking my car around and it still didnt go off.
The Factory alarm is a passive alarm and not an active alarm like Viper. The factory alarm will only stop someone from stealing your car. Your big fat key has a computer chip in it which sends a code to your computer telling your computer that it is ok to start the car, w/o the chip you ain't startin the car. The Viper alarm is an active alarm which means that yes if you have a shock sensor it will go off if something hits your car, or if they open your doors the alarm will go off. I installed the Viper Responder for my car (Love it). If you want the remote start you will need another part (like $20) that will be programmed with your code from your chip, so they will need both your keys. This part will send the code to your computer ONLY when you activate the remote start function from you clicker. You will only have one clicker by the way, the factory one will still unlock your doors and everything, but it will not turn off the alarm, so you can just store it in a safe place. If you have any other questions just let me know.


grnmussy56 said:
SonicBlue02-3.8 wat kind of viper did you put in? n wat yr car u got? the max i wanna pay is like 200-250. do u have ne sites i could visit maybe? thanx again

I got the Viper Responder in my 2002, it was $400 for the kit and installation, but then i had to buy a part for the remote start b/c of our coded keys (~20), then I wanted the trunk pop so I had to purchase a solenoid for that (~30-40), so it ended up costing me like $500. But in the end I got 30% off on my insurance on whatever part the theft is.

The Viper Responder has a remote with a screen that tells you if you car is being broken into, the shock sensor going off, the door opening, the hood opening, or the trunk opening. It also lets me know if my car started for the remote start. The only downside is that the range is only 1/4 mile at best, i think some other company has the same deal but with a little further range (plus i think you can get a range extender from viper or some ****). The thing that I really like about it is at school I can't hear if my alarm is going off and ****, but the remote lets me know. Funny part is taht some lady hit my car while parking so I walked out there as she was hoping nobody saw here, and bitched her out! There ended up not being any damaged as of yet.

If you can afford it I would recommend it, well thats b/c i'm here in philly. But I really like Viper and have had no problems with it. But if you are only looking to spend 200-250, viper has cheaper systems, but I think most alarm systems start at around $200 if i remember. Good luck with your search, if you have anymore questions just let me know.

grnmussy56 said:
yo SonicBlue02-3.8 were at in philly u get ur alarm? i live right outside philly..........mybe i cna get the same alarm....sounds crazy....thanx again

I go to college in philly, but i live in Toms River, NJ, therefore I got it at a place back home b/c I knew the guy did quality work and that I could trust him. If you wanted some info on the place just let me know, it's in Brick, NJ. That would be a nice 1 - 1.5 hour drive though from where you are. I dont know too many places that I would trust in philly though. Sorry that I couldn't be of any help.

I've got the Autopage RS-750LCD in my car, 2 way pager and all that good stuff, remote start, all the options. Installed it myself, as that's what i do for a living, but it only cost 175 off of ebay, and i spent a good 5 hours doing it right, and you guys can too, if you take your time.