turbo build

  1. W

    99 3.8 turbo kit

    I have an sandrail with a 99 3.8. The guy I bought it from said it was dynod at 197 hp. I am looking for a turbo kit. To add another 100-125 hp if possible on 91 octane. I am tearing the motor down for a full rebuild. I am a decent vw wrench. Many turbo vws. Just new to the 3.8. Any...
  2. jeannelle101

    Engine building basics/ torque spec help

    Hello everyone. This will be the first time ive ever rebuilt an engine, I finally acquired all the necessary parts for it from piston rings to the fuel pumps. I wanted to see if there was a write up for the engine assembly potentially, if anyone had tips for me, as well as if there is somewhere...
  3. D

    Sn95 engine harness connector pinout

    Im currently trying to simplify the harness from the ecu(microsquirt) to the engine harness. But i have not had any luck finding the pin out information for the 16 pin connector for the engine harness. If anyone has any information on it it would be of great help
  4. A

    HELLO! Working to build an AWD FOX Capri

    Hey Everyone I was SUPER INSPIRED by the 1980 FOX AWD thread in this forum. I am a lifelong mustang owner. (First car was a black/ red 1983 Mustang GT T top, manual, 5.0L, bored .030 over, decked head, roller cam, MSD Ignition (6250rpm), full header, flow master, 8.8” ). I am in the...
  5. W

    turbo oil/cooling system question

    turbo 408w stroker, around 1200-1400 hp, trying to find help on an oiling/cooling system for my turbo setup. was thinking just an external dry sump system, one pump, and an oil cooler run thru that, but would also like an electric pump for pre-ignition priming. for intercooler, i was looking at...
  6. 8

    Engine Turbo fox build hot start issue

    Hi new to the page and in desperate need of some guidance. I have a 89 fox 5.0 with an on3performance turbo set up and for the life of me cannot figure out my hot start issue. Car has 60lb injectors, 340lhp fuel pump, new high torque starter, new coolant temp sensor, new plugs, wires, cap...
  7. T

    Help with 2v turbo build

    Hello so I posted a while back and I decided to turbo my 4.6 2v with supporting mods and pushed around 420 Whp and now the motor is fried :( so I just bought another 2v motor with 84k miles I have sold some of the supporting mods like Bbk air intake, throttle body Etc. this build I want to...
  8. Nightstang00

    Engine Alternator Bracket / Water Pump

    93 mustang gt 302 5 speed. Currently I am running only the130 alternator/ water pump and crank. I bought an alternator bracket from amazon and removed the stock bracket with the tensioner. Now I’m also going to be converting to electronic fans. My issue is now, since my belt routing will be...
  9. N


    I’m building a a4 block with a 331 stroker mated to a t56 magnum plan on running a 4.10 gear with a 28” rear tire. my question is do u think a borg Warner s480 will keep me in boost with the manual trans or is there a better turbo for this application.
  10. Bjones10

    *new Need Advice On An Engine Build!!

    Hey everyone I am new to this forum and I have been debating on what route I should go with for my engine build. I have a 2003 Ford Mustang GT. Background: I have been having exhaust smoke issues, come to find out I have low compression in cylinder 4. I had dripped some oil down only to find...
  11. Chris98Stang

    Turbo Build Questions?

    Hey everybody it's been a while since I've posted on here. Setup on the car is currently just minor bolt ons. 4.10 gears(which will be changed),Eaton carrier,31 spline axles, aluminum driveshaft, full suspension, team z k-member and other minor stuff. Either way I've made some moves with the...