Annoying P0340 Code


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Apr 22, 2016
I am having difficulty getting rid of the annoying P0340 code so i figured i would try this forum and see if anyone can help. I have a 2000 mustang gt, there is no check engine light but car was running like it had a cam in it, we hooked it up to a computer and found the P0340 code and cleared it. We replaced alternator, cam senser, crank sensor, check for vacuum leaks, checked iac, egr valve and code came back and has stayed. We also took off valve cover, cleaned maf, replaced coils and checked cam out and stamped on cam was krupp presta, could not see model number due to wear. Car has a bbk intake with accufab plenum, h pipe with cat delete and diablosport tune.
Other symptoms the car has is bucking when driving slow, misfire, and souns like it has a cam in it. And the alternatir we used was an older one that was in good condition but has sat for awhile.
Any help would be great!
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Mar 26, 2016
I think you mentioned changing everything except the plugs.

It could be a timing issue. If the car has an after market tune it could be worth inspecting.

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