Annoying Rattle Under Car


New Member
Feb 19, 2010
A while back the car had a distinct rattle coming from under the car near the front.
Only happens during 2-3k And only when it is upon light acceleration but if i step on it no noise :shrug: Can hear when switching gears can kinda feel it in the clutch pedal
Does not do the noise while in idle
There is no power loss at all
Everything runs perfect
Any ideas?

Here are two videos so you can check it out
This one here is just going through the gears 1-4 i havent heard it in 5th
YouTube - 0217001918.3g2

And this one is just while in neutral with me reving the engine up, the camera is pointed to Transmission under the car
YouTube - Mustang Rattle

Btw: No cats, Checked heat shield, no loose bolts, exhuast
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