Another odd transmission problem


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Jan 25, 2020
So, after my transmission was rebuilt due to having the code for the torque converter clutch being bad. now the shifter itself, or the module on the side of the transmission is bad. What's happening is, the shifter works great in P, R, N and D. But when I manually shift it, nothing happens from 1 to 2. It shifts from first to second at 2 to 3. Then resumes shifting as it should when punched into Drive. Is this a problem with the shifter, or the module on the side of the transmission?

I've lived with this for over a year. and it's not terribly bothersome. I'd just like it to shift properly, should I decide to sell it in the near future.
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Another quick question regarding the shifter you are using vs the transmission you have. Some years of Foxbodies have a shifter that goes P-R-N-OD-D-2-1 (4 position), others only P-R-N-OD -2-1 (3 position). If I recall, the 4 forward position shifters were on some years 4 cylinder cars.

If you have a transmission with only 3 forward positions (the second shift pattern example) and a shifter with 4 forward positions you will likely have issue.
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