Another one: Damani Rims


Aug 20, 2004
I'm kinda up in the air on this one. My buddy is getting rid of his old rims. Basicly the understanding right now is hang onto them and pay me when you can or if you decide against give 'em back.

It's aset of 3 (gotta buy 1 new one) rims and 4 tires for $200. New rim is $150 shipped. so It'll be a total of $350 which isn't too bad.

They are Damani Champ 17". Gunmetal with machined lip and center.
Kumho Rubber 225/45/R17

As you can see I put 2 on and there is plenty of space, on each end. No caliper rubbing. They are the same width as the old ones so there will be no wheel well rub.

Like I said I'm up in the air, lemme know what you think.

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