Another stupid exhaust question!!!!111oneoneone

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Yessir, any midpipe for a GT will fit any catback for a GT. The catbacks and midpipes are test fitted by companies on stock GT's so they all match up.

That means the h-pipe is designed to be used with the stock exhaust manifolds.

If you get longtubes, you will have to get either a shorty x-pipe or shorty h-pipe to fit. You can also have a shop cut up that h-pipe and make it work with the LT's
HellBoundMB said:
Okay, I think this ones a little more simple. I just want to know if


will fit together?

Also what does it mean when it says to stock manifold for the mid-pipe? And will long tube headers be possible with this down the road?

Yes they will fit. Anything is possible. But you'll have to get a shop to cut and resize the prochamber to fit the longtubes. It's better to sell that midpipe, and buy one for longtubes.