Another Weld Wheel question

I'm just about to place an order with Summit for a set of Weld Drag lites for my 93 lx and I did a search here. I'm ok on backspace and sizes now. Some of the post are saying longer studs are needed and that they require special lug nuts. I'm ok with the lug nuts, but are the longer studs necessary? My studs are about 1 1/2" long.

This is not a track car, I just like the way that the Drag Lites look of the foxes.
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im pretty sure you only need longer studs to be nhra legal. they have to come all the way through the wheel and lug nut to be legal. but if is a street car im sure you will be fine with stock lugs
If you have to use spacers to get the wheels to fit properly and not rub, you should consider longer studs even on the street. As far as lugs, I got new lugs when I got my draglites. I can't remember what type of lugs are stock, but you need the kind that go into the wheel (shank with washer), not just go into a type of counter-sink (called conical seat).

here's the style you need: View attachment 479906
Not sure what part number you'd need, so call and ask a tech.