Another wheel question.


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Feb 13, 2008
Ok sorry if this sounds dumb. Im about to order a set of 17" black bullitts for my car. Was gonna get some 17X8s but then I saw the 17X9s on But I only have the stock size 245 tires on my car now and can't afford new tires yet and they recomend 275s to be put on a 17X9" wheel. But then I saw that Americanmuscle says its dangerous to put a smaller tire size than what is recomended. Yet in the next sentence they say that any tire from 245-275 is good for a 17X9" wheel. So does anyone know if its THAT big of an issue to run 245s on a 17X9" rim for a bit. Sorry again if this is a dumb question but I dont really want to be driving down the road when the side wall works its way off the rim because its too small.
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it is going to look very off. dangerous??? I guess if you are xracing it might be But otherwise it should work fine. You can also call your local tire shop ( discount tire etc.) some tires do run smaller than others so you need to watch for that as well.
275's look perfect on a 9" wheel. I wouldn't put 245's on a 9". They are stretched and look really stupid. Just wait until you can afford 275's. Or buy 17X8's for the front with 245's and 17X9's for the back and run a 275.

The reason they say they are dangerous is because if you run around a corner with 245's on a 9" wheel the bead might break and the tire will pop off sending you into the wall.