Need help with suspension, wheel + tire size, 91 Fox SN95 5 Lug

You have a good looking Stang there. Is it an 87 . i have an 87 5.0 convertible and looking to change rear and spindles to get some 5 lugs wheels. Any suggestion . Thanks. I am a rookie on these cars
It's a 93, I put all the parts for a five lug four disc cobra brake kit together over a period of like three years, all parts including used rims (with new tires) cost a little over $1700.
I read every article on doing the swap and went to a pic a part for the 1995 spindles ,and I took the guts out of that same cars proportion valve.
reason for that was not one write up could distinctively tell me an exact way to adjust an adjustable one,and since Ford's r an d spends millions on a safe brake system I just went with what they use on a four disc mustang.


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