Another windstar swap.

Hi I’m new here and would like to show you all what I have put together, and am still getting it buttoned up. My friend bought it from me in terms that I finished it as I would have done for myself. The Mustang is a 96 and is black on black.
Here are some stock upgrades I have done to the car.
Mustang mod list:

Engine mod list:
'02 split port mustang block with internal s shaft,
4.2 crankshaft,
4.2 hypertec 8.5 CR pistons,s
97 f150 fuel rail turned around and added brackets,
Ported '02 lower intake,
Windstar upper intake manifold w/modified idle control valve port,
97 f150 neutral harmonic balancer with underdrive crank pully and 10mm shorter serpentine belt,
Aluminum flywheel with new steel surface,
New stage 4 cutch kit,
New pivot and clutch fork,
Aftermarket clutch adjusted lever,
24lb injectors,
96 mustangs gt throttle body,
'02 mustang throttle and cruise cables modified for length,
'02 spark plug wires,
Relocated Idle air control valve and EGR solenoid sensor,
Pacesettser headers,
98 GT dual exhaust with 96 v6 cats,
Modified 96 engine harness
00 heater hoses to heater core,
'02 v6 camshaft,
SCT programmer.
T-5 trans from a V6
Aluminum driveshaft stamped "Police" shorted 10” from a crown Vic,
8.8 rear diff with 3.83 LSD rebuilt,
02 GT 17" aluminum rims 255/45/17 all around,
Front are cobra's,
Rear are GT racing 11.5",
with spacers for the rear rims,
Lowering springs,
Adjustable hotckis camber tower mounts,
K member brace,
Modified GT strut tower brace,
Steering rack and pinion polyurethane offset bushings for lower ride height,
Fog lights,
GT Dual exhaust,
Custom smoked one piece head lights and clear fog lights,
Leather interior with modified door panels using the black cobra r style upper panel and black electric lower panel plastic glued together,
Mach 460 surround sound system,
Dual airbags,
Cold Air conditioning/warm heater,
Rear window defrost,
Electric windows,
Rear tinted windows,
Tow hitch, yes tow hitch!


Did I do ok?
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