any body have a mac catted H?


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May 17, 2005
[any Body Have A Catted H Pipe?

i have 2 chamber flows and want to make it louder is it worth it to buy a mac catted H or will that hardly make a diffrence? sry to ask again but i never really got an answer last time. Oh and if im not consurned about quality is there a big diffrence in sound between the Mac catted H and the MRT?
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I had the mac catted h with 2 chamber flows on my 91 lx vert with lt's and it was too loud for me, bad drone. Switched out to 3 chamber and was good. I currently have a mac catted h with magnaflow catback and love the sound, not too loud, but very powerful at wot......I would think it would sound real good with the's really a judgement call, I am very happy with the fitment of the pipe, no leaks. Good luck !
Got both - mac is a bit louder, fitment is better with MRT, both will work though and you'll be happy with either one. MRT is stainless, that's why I decided on MRT for my 02. My wife's 01 already had the mac catted H when she got it. No issues with it rust, great tone from both. Works very well with flows.