Any body men? Question about prepping FB


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Aug 29, 2002
Collingwood, ON
Have included a pic of my stalker bumper.. you see where the two fiberglass pieces are joined together, there is a little lip that goes around the bumper..

I'm wondering, does this bumper have to be bolted up to the car, sanded and worked with the fenders, then painted? Or can i sand the lip off smooth, prep the rest of the bumper, paint the bumpers off the car and then install?

I can't see too much of a gap occuring



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Ok, yeah mine had that, you can do it both ways, but easy way would be sand it off the car till smooth, then sand the hole bumper then prime, then sand with 360 grit, then paint. :nice: , alittle work but shoulnt take more then 2hr.

My dad sanded mine off the car, then primed it, then put it on the car then sanded it, then took it off then painted it. :)