Any of you guys tried this?

I was wondering if this would really be worth paying $90.00 if it would make any difference.


Plug in better throttle response
"These throttle position calibrators will eliminate annoying hesitation when you mash down your throttle. They simply plug into your throttle position sensor and help your throttle response. They enhance the performance of any computer chip, module, or programmer."


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Probably not worth 90 bucks. They used to only be like 65. It's basically the same effect as a chip, but done a little differently. You can achieve the same effect by setting your TPS voltage at .98 and bumping timing and fuel. I had one on my car for a while from the previous owner and it worked, but it wasn't dramatic or anything. Throttle response off the line was very snappy and power jumped a bit, but there are other was to get that without dropping the 90 bucks.