anybody have Roush shifter???

i saw in the MM&FF mag, that Roush has a shorty shifter. i love the look of it, tall polished handle, etc. its kinda pricey, but i'm gettin fed up with my tri-ax.
i have problems with third gear, idunno why. does anybody have one? if so, please give me a review. thanks!!
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Mod Dude
Sep 22, 2001
droptopsnake01 said:
...What kind of problems w/ third gear?? ...

Yes, please elaborate more. Is it grinding into gear? Were the stops properly adjusted? Etc. :shrug: A shifter will not "cure" any internal transmission problems which you might be suffering from, worst case you may have to open up the housing for repair...
i rarely have driven it, so an internal problem is not that likely.when i first put the shifter in (over 1 1/2 years ago) it shifted awesome, never a miss. but recently i drove it and going to third the shifter seems to stop, like it hits something. even second is a little notchy. i appreciate the concerns, but does any have a roush?