anybody interested to see dyno numbers??

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first graph is my street tune. no nitrous spray on the IC just all boost. 18 psi to be exact

next is a mix of 93 and 110. mostly 93 i believe. it didnt mix well to start with. thats why the numbers are so low. we took the fuel line off and ran about a gallon out of the tank so it actually got some race gas in it for the next pull.

i gotta get the video up for the next pull. i just cant post the numbers with no video or NOBODY will believe me. i have to say i didnt really believe it myself till a few minutes after the pull.

there is MUCH more to come!!!:D
Aww man, I thought you said BIG NUMBERS! Everyone guessed low, even that dude that said 653 rwhp! I knew it was all :bs: :nonono:

JK mang. what I really mean is :hail2: :nice: :drool: :ihateyou: :D