Anyone else build scale model cars?

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I've done a new lightning an dmost of the older mustang, plus the 93 cobra model and the roush super stallion which we've gotten to personally see the last 2 years. Amazing in person, I'll post pics of it and my model.
It took forever to find but I also found an unopened SVO model and 2 93 lightnings, so I'll put one together.
ive built alot of models mainly spots cars and a few trucks. i need to finish my 1988 mustang gt im doing alot of detail on that one i would lie to find an LX so i can make my car. when i finish that one i got a 1969 boss 429 im going to do. Has anyone seen a 2.3 fox mustang model 87-93
I've done a 1966 Shelby gt 350, a shelby series 1, couple of old ford pick ups, a 1993 mustang cobra, a petebuilt, couple of old Amc shelbeys and a 1906 Rolls Royce Silver Gost.

Unfurtunetly when i moved my models down stairs in a box i dropped them and i'm in the proccess of repairing them

Yeah, i do it for stress as well - it's quiet and it has to do with cars
Cool, glad to see you guys build cars too! :nice:
My avatar(picture) is a model I'm almost finished with. It is a Fuel/Altered T-bucket, it is old school early to mid sixties.
Ive built a Viper, working on a '69 Charger Pro stocker,and a front engine rail dragster(I scratchbuilt the frame on that one).
I'm thinking of painting up my 'stang like an old school rat rod, primer black with a flame job leave the conv. top white, maybe some salt flat discs from Moon-real retro, and how 'bout a lakes pipe exiting in front of the pass. rear wheel!
I'm hoping to soon get the capability to post pics, gotta talk to my brother who is the computer genius of the family.
Useta do em all the time, then I had to pack them up when I moved out after graduating high school, and I haven't worked on them since. However, after I finish my engine and get my desk space back in my room (currently covered with car parts) I might build a few more...

Here's a couple that I did finish.


This is my '78 Chebby pickup...It's got a flipped hood, custom front end, front roll pan, shaved body, rolled rear pan with custom taillights, clear panel in bed (to show rearend detail and some other stuff), flocked interior with a bunch of custom crap (seatbelts etc), fully wired and plumbed blown 426 Hemi engine, plumbed chassis, custom headers, custom exhaust, custom made front suspension, modified frame, etc, etc, etc :crazy: Needless to say, I put a lot of work in this truck, I built it over a span of a couple years, and it contains parts from about 5 different models. I like it though :) I have a pic of the chassis also, should anyone care to see it...


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Here are my two other good completed ones (since it'll only let me attach 2 pics per post).

First up, this is my '48 (I think? can't remember) Chevy pickup. Some of you might know of this pickup, it's the AMT kit that was originally released as a lowered 2WD truck with a straight six. I wanted to do something different with it so I raided the parts box...It's got leaf springs from a monster truck kit, a custom made front axle (used a pumpkin from another axle and made the tubes from aluminum tubing), and it now has a 396 under the hood :nice: along with several other custom touches.


Last one, this is my '54 Ford pickup that I built as a rusted out beater. People seem to like this truck, I guess it has a lot of character. I had fun building this one.

You might also be asking why all my good models are me :scratch: For some reason I could never build a good car model.

I have a bunch of other projects that I started but never finshed, like a backhalved F-150 Flareside (I got the frame and wheel tubs done, and I got the rearend in the frame, but I didn't get much further than that), a '32 Ford 3-window coupe and a '34 Ford pickup, both of which I chopped the top and some other stuff, but also never finished...hell I can't even remember all the half-done projects that I have now that I think about it.


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I built a few at my a job site once. It was a tag team deal and my partner had a heart attack leaving me to work 12 hours shifts alone. He was out of work for 2 months and I couldn't hardly do anything but set on my butt and read books. So I started building models until my boss got mad :rolleyes: I just figured it was better than when he cought me sleeping :D Then he got started getting mad at my game boy and T.V also...Crap 12 hours of setting in a chair doing nothing was putting me to sleep :(
I used to build a lot of models. I still have a C5 laying around that I never started.

By the way, I have seen a few fox bodies. There's a kit I used to see at walmart that had 3 different stangs in there.
Walmart and Toys-R-us had that three car set that freakintiger mentioned for a long time, I'm not sure if they still do. It was three cobras, a cobra jet, a '93, and a SN95 Cobra. Always ticked me off because I had a '78 Cobra II at the time but they didn't include one of them in the set.
Red_LX said:
Speaking of which, when the hell did models get so damn expensive? When I was building them in high school (5 years ago) they were $6-7 each (max). Not too long ago I looked at some in stores and they were $9 each! geeeez...

Where do you shop? All the kits I see are $13-15! And these aren't japanese kits(which have far superior tooling, crisper castings and better detail than Monogram and Revell and AMT/Ertl). I built Ertl's Viper and I seriously considered writing them about the poor fit of their kit, the windsheild was too big for the body, had to mill it down with my Dremel! :notnice:
So, in conclusion, these kits are overpriced! :mad:
Well, the AMT/Ertl kits have always been lacking in quality. The parts never fit all that great and there always seemed to be a bunch of flash. The one thing I did like about AMT/Ertl's kits was that they usually came with a bunch of extra parts for no apparent reason. For example, their Pro Street Dodge Coronet Super Bee had all these parts in it for the stock Super Bee, for some reason...but that just helped my parts box get bigger :)

I've always felt Monogram's kits to be of much higher quality though. Before Revell and Monogram became the same brand, I built a couple revell kits and was pretty turned off by the way they went together (for example, the tires were in halves and you had to glue them together :notnice: ).

Anyway these are prices at Wal-Mart near here. Dunno if you've ever heard of them, but I used to order a lot of my kits from Hobby Heaven. I could get two kits for $12 from them, but of course that was years ago...
fess40 said:
Walmart and Toys-R-us had that three car set that freakintiger mentioned for a long time, I'm not sure if they still do. It was three cobras, a cobra jet, a '93, and a SN95 Cobra. Always ticked me off because I had a '78 Cobra II at the time but they didn't include one of them in the set.

I bought that set. it goes together pretty well.

the highest set iv'e seen in my wal mart was 30$.,but that was a die cast peterbuitlt truck. normally they are around 10$

how many of you guys do the diecast models?
Pro-Hawk said:
Not me this is to cheater to me sorry.

I agree, even the local model car club has bowed to pressure and is including a class for the pre-painted metal body kits in the annual show/competition(but I added spark plug wires to my "kit", now it's custom :notnice: )
YEAH RIGHT. I think the IPMS (International Plastic Model Society) says at least 75% plastic. And that's to allow for photoetch and white-metal detail parts.