anyone ever paint their headers and it held up?

i recently got a new toy car (1979 jeep cj7) and it has long tube headers on it. they are kind of crappy looking right now, so i wanted to take them out and give them a nice coat of some sort of black header paint. i have read numerous threads about header paint flaking off. has anyone used any paint to any success? what product did you use and what did you do for prep, and how long has it lasted?
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i tried to send you a message and it didnt go through... mine are holding up perfect... ill post pics! all my prep steps and everything are in that other thread somewhere... i used a dremmel and wire brush to clean them up... sanded down the bad spots by hand... then sprayed a few heavy coats... i used 1 can on my shorties... i sugest to buy 2 for long tubes...