Anyone ever replaced the rear side windows black weather moulding


Jul 12, 2006
Today was wax day for my car and I noticed that the drivers side rear windows moulding has shrunk (was not like this a month ago) to the point that you can see down inside it in one small spot. What's can I expect when I replace them? My car spends about 6 hours a day outside and then is garaged and hardly see's rain.
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Sergeant Tangnet
Sep 17, 2005
Port Elgin, Ontario
take the rear interior quarter pannels out and undo the 7 bolts on each window and replace them.....or try and fix the ones on your car. Are yours just dried and rotten or did they actually shrink. do you have any pics of the "shrinking"


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Jul 28, 1999
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The molding is part of the glass and will need to be replaced as one piece. Used part because LOF and PPG was going to produce it new but has not started production and probably never will because it has been 10 years now.


Jul 12, 2006
Yep, I was checking out 5.0 resto and they sell the remakes but they dont say "Mustang" on them. I found a DESTROYED GT in the j-yard about 4 months ago that had MINT quarter windows I shoulda snaged. Anyway, I think mine have dry out to the point of deformity and its not bad but I am afraid of water getting in there are causing rust, which my car does not have any of.

I found some overlays on e-bay but they are 70 bucks. If they cover and seal I will buy them, any good?


New Member
Jul 8, 2006
Not sure if its the same covers u guys are talking about, but I just got "Mustangs Unlimited" catalog (out of CT and GA) and it showed some mouldings in there as well. My 90 GT's mouldings are shot too and I was considering trying these out, just haven't gotten to that item on my to-do list. Might be worth checking out if they're different than the ones you guys are talking about. Can't see spending the money on whole new windows since it's only my mouldings that are bad.
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