Anyone got a pic/diagram of EPC 95 Aode?


Jul 29, 2005
Oregon OHIO
I'm searching the web now for a picture or diagram of the electronic pressure control for the valve body on my 95 Aode. I need to turn it back down a half a turn before I get it tuned and dynoed. Any help is appreciated.
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yeah, I've got to get this straight before I meet him next Friday. I had a trans shop turn it up for $100 and I am sure I can pull the pan and I keep googling aode epc and all I get are shift kit sites......I have it up on stands right now tightening up the exhaust, I want to try and do myself.
The best I can do is say to look here.
Mention of the EPC is made in Jerry's mod article (I just checked) and I think one or two others.

Good luck bud.