anyone have problem with gas tank overflow?


Jan 22, 2006
originally i had a problem with the gas tank constantly stopping while trying to fuel, the recall covered the tank and they put a new one in, now everytime i fill the tank the gas shoots out even after i let go of the handle. the ford dealer said they were aware of the issue and ford is working on a fix. has anybody else had this problem?
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Yup. Dealer told me they have a TSB, but nothing he could do about it now. I just click off the pump about half a gallon before it's full and put it on the lowest speed. It still overflows a little, but not enough that it spills down the side of the car.
I swear I'm the first person that had this problem happen to them. Started occurring to me last May/June after they put the new Gas tank in for the slow fill issue. The short story is I spent the next 4 months harrasing the dealer I bought the car from, Ford itself, and had to end up sending video clips of it occuring for the Ford Engineers, as they never heard of the problem before at that point. After flipping out a couple of times Ford finally told the dealer to replace the tank again, and it still occurs. Far as I know, there is no fix, and they are not working on one (read this on some other forums). So the end result is I've gotten quite good at estimating where the top of my tank is so I stop filling before it'll overflow, and I won't let my vehicle be serviced where I bought it (had more than a few words with the service manager there who basically called me liar, and refused to even look at the problem). Luckily there is a competitive Ford dealership where I live that is more than happy to have my business, and who actually cares about customer service. Just wish I knew this before I bought the car. Later