Anyone in or around NE CT have a D/S I can borrow?


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Aug 16, 2004
I am fighitng noises since my gear install. I kinda think it is a combination of D?S and the gears as I know the gears had a bad initial install. But I want to rule out the D/S so does anyone have a stocker lying around I can borrow for a couple few days jsut to change what my car is doing without me having to pry open my already overdrawn wallet?

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Driveshafts don't normally startmaking noise after a gear install -- I can pretty much rule that out for you right now. Driveshafts usually vibrate after a gear install.

Gears will definitely make noise from a bad install. Look to havethem fixed and don't waste time with other stuff. If the gears are driven on too much with the wrong pattern, they will wear that way and always make noise.
True, But here is my dilemma with a quick history:

Gears installed 130k miles. Noticed noise on highway after install, speedo reading 100 mph (uncorrected, 74 mph actual). Shortly after couple hundred miles of babying it i notice some clunking in the driveline again at the higher speeds.

Pretty sure this clunking was there before the gears but I had only exceeded 100 mph once the week before the gear install (this is to relate to d/s speed).

I had a bad pinion bearing so by 131k miles the gear noise and clunking was so bad I took it back to the shop for all new bearings. It also seemes like it had a ton of backlash (would bang on every shift).

With all new bearings the gear noise was basically the same as before (not surprising with 1000 miles on them in a bad fashion), the banging while shifting was gone, but the clunking at speed was still present.

Now since I think it was there before and it is only when deccel at above 70 moh or so I think I have a bad u-joint and/or an out of balance d/s. If i can determine it is the d/s I can probably jsutify a new alum one before the prices go up much more than they already have. This is why if I can get another d/s in there and the symptoms of the clunking change or go away it is d/s related (turn the problem on and off).

If anyone has any other suggestions I am open to all thoughts.

I do also know that many guys have done gears then needed d/s work to make up for the higher d/s RPMs.

mine is still available for ya if ya need it.i dropped mine for an frppp d/s cause of some high rpm vibes.since the new d/s not a problem.i would say spend the $250 it is definately worth it.
chris got yur pm.vibes used to come on around 3 and would get worse the higher the rs climbed.didnt really take it up that high with that vibration going on.but now i have no problem taking it on some full throttle blasts.ill give ya a call shortly
perfect. My bud can possibly pick it up tonight and with the cost of gas he will actually probably mail it to me as my truck will run me $30-$35 round trip and the shipping is less than $20...

no problem and dont worry the frp driveshaft is a real nice piece.this is the first of my 6 stangs i ever put it on and now i find myself asking, why dind't i ever got one before.i think all your broblems will be solved once you get that on.good luck