Anybody around Central New Jersey That Can Help My Friend?


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Nov 29, 1999
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Hi guys. I have a friend, he lives in central NJ. and he has a reef blue coupe. It's nice but needs to be finished up...small stuff. He is capable of doing the work and he has his own tools etc. but has no place to work on his car. Landlord will not even let him keep tools there. This kid (He is a kid to me, mid 20's) is very responsible, and extremely humble. I met him when he was here in Hawaii in the Army. We wrenched on cars together the entire time he was stationed here.

Is there anyone in his area that would let him use their shop for a day, or rent him garage space for a day? He probably would be willing to rent a driveway actually..... He needs to finish his coilover install, and change rear brake calipers. One of the rear calipers is hanging up pretty bad so he can't really drive the car until it is fixed. He is getting down on his car due to not being able to drive it. I'm sure if you met him, you would like him. He is a good guy.

So, if anyone in his area can help out let me know. If you are not able to, I understand but maybe you could provide a lead on a place where he could work on his car one weekend.


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His car.