Anyone Know How Wide The Rear Lower Control Arm Is Supposed To Be


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Sep 2, 2012
I ask because mine measurs about 2 inches and the actual width of the location is about 3 inches. They are the Mac arms that I've had for years. Now I'm checking everything over real good because I just changed my isolators to Polys' and just checking things over good while I'm in there. It would seem to me that the arms should be the same width or if smaller, not a whole inch IMO. But that's why I'm asking here because everything is closed today.

I just put on new shocks , struts, balljoints, bushings, end links, had a guy put them on for me. After that I had the situation where the rub I always heard when hitting low spots in roads seemed to had gotten worse even with everything new. As part of my diagnosing I'm checking everything out. The rear tires are 295 35 18's with a 1/4 spacer and the tires come out even with fender if not at some angles it may past it just a hair, just a hair if even so. I may need to roll the fender wells some but hope not. Also all the bushings in the rear upper and lower arms look fine. I also made it a point to turn the other coil facing the driver's side like the other one was and I'm going to preload the springs and see if that helps any. If not I will have to have the fenders rolled to stop that rub.

but the main thing I wanted to know was the dimensions of the arms if anyone knew or if yall think they should be pretty much almost same width as where it mounts to rear end if not almost the same width at least?
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