Anyone Need Plug Wires?

Hey guys, I picked up some Ford Racing blue 9mm plug wires from a guy who told me that they'd fit my fox 302. Well I compared them to my old one's and right away I could tell that they won't fit, mainly by seeing the short distributor wire. He told me they were on his 95 Cobra so I take it they'll fit the 94-95's. They're in nice shape and I can't use them. I don't post in this section much but I'm basically looking to hook up a fellow SN'er with these for cheap. PM if anyone needs a nice, cheap set.

As for keeping this talk, I love the SN-95 platform car and have been looking for a nice one for awile. I think I'll hang around here more often to check out some of you guys' rides.
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94gts said:
i use the longer one but loop it around the coil once. the short one does not have the proper connection for our coils. maybe the guy took the longer wire and shortend it?

hmm, when i got a new set this past weekend it had a short and long... i chucked the long, but i believe they had the same connection. I had to reuse the old clip that was on the coil and attatch it to the new plug end (is that what you mean?). or that it was just a totally different one

oh, and to the original, i don't need them... i'm tempted, but i just got some
Haha ... I looped mine through the engine hoist bracket a couple of times (the bracket that mounts at the #5 cylinder using the header bolts).

When I installed the BBK's & Stage 8 bolts .... I left the bracket off ... so now the wire just sits there (really ugly). I need to get some custom cut wires.