Anyone with 28" DR's, need PICS!!


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Jun 5, 2002
Daytona bch, Florida
As soon as i can figure out what tire size i need, im going to place an order for a set of BFG DR's.

I have an 8" Weld wheel, and im looking at the 325x50x15's ( 28")
and the 275x60x15(28"), but only has a 8.8" tread width

I really need some pics of DR's mounted on 15" wheels. Weather it be on a fox, or SN95.
Thanks, Mike
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i'm not sure if i can get you a pic of my friends car, but he ran the 275/6015 on a fox body and it filled up the wheelwell just right :nice: you should have no problemm with them on your car but you might over power them his car ran 12's with a c4 and 4.10's they took some grear away which was a good thing with no over drive.i'll check on getting you a pic
yea from the looks of it, itl fill up the fender well nicely.

Did the 275x60 look narrow to you? I know they claim an 8.8" tread width, which doesnt seem like much, so it has me thinking this tire might be on the skinny side.

Damn this tire delima.. If i would have bought some used 10" welds, insted of the 8" ones, i wouldnt have this problem!
it didn't look narrow at all, they have a lot of side wall and 8 inches seams like an underestament i don't think you could fit much more tire on there with out some work at least on a fox body.26x 11.50's filled up mine nice
325/50/15 bfg DR. I run mine on the street. Wheel well beat in, quad shocks gone, wheel well fender lip turned up. Still get some rubbing (inside) in fast corners. :shrug: Need to get the hammer out again I guess. Love the traction. Put my old 17 " kdw's on and took them right off again.

Photo near the end of the thread. Going to wear these out before getting rid of them. Probably go with 295 DR somethings. They seem ok in the rain, but being wide they will break loose. Just be careful.