Anyone with a Full Exhaust?


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Apr 30, 2008
I'm trying to help a friend with a V6 stang (new body) get a full exhaust. Personally I have a C6 Vette and x-pipes are the standard so I'm confused when I see all these y-pipes. He wants to go long-tube and I think he wants to do borla.

My question, what company do you suggest for LT headers and do you think he should have a custom made x-pipe or for a v6 would a y-pipe be ok? He does plan on supercharging in the future. Also say he wanted Borlas. What exactly would he have to buy? I'm new to stangs and I'm kinda helpless with everything besides vettes lol.

My bro has a Roush if that helps though.
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if he plans on supercharging in the future, I say wait ....

otherwise - just buy some GT take-offs and take it to an exhaust house and let them make a set of custom tubes with an 'H' pipe.

also, tell him not to get his hopes up about it sounding like a V8 -

because ... they aint!