Anyone with S/D running a not different cam


Sergeant Tangnet
Sep 17, 2005
Port Elgin, Ontario
Sorry I ment a different cam... not a not different cam (tired)

I want to change out the cam but can't find a whole lot of information about what cam works good without going mass air. Anyone have any info on this or have done it with a good results. What cam did you use and where in the RPM range did it make a difference. I kinda want that lumpy idle but not like it sounds like it wants to stall at a stoplight. I might build some heads to change since I will have the stockers off.
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You'd be better off getting heads and an intake first, then having a custom cam matched to that. What you want to do is keep as much vacuum as posible, so if you dont get a custom cam find off the shelf cams with a large lobe separation like around 114 or higher.

That or you could take the easy way out and go mass air, but its realy unnessisary if you understand speed density.
Well I added TFS heads, otherwise it was stock as a rock.

COMP Cams made the cam I am trying to find the specs, the cam is made in 2 different ceterlines, and one was made for 1.7's, one was made for 1.6's.