Anyone with the Maximum motorsports Sport Box


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Mar 17, 2002
The Sport Box
The Sport Box includes the following parts:
# MM Strut Tower Brace 4
# MM 4-Point K-Member Brace
# MM Standard Subrame Connectors, bare steel
# MM Panhard Bar with Aluminum Rod
# H&R Sport Springs
# Tokico Premium Performance Front Struts
# Tokico Premium Performance Rear Shocks
# MM Caster/Camber Plates 4
# MM Urethane Pinion Snubber
# Front Spring Isolators
# Rear Spring Isolators
# Steering rack bushings, urethane
# Front Swaybar bushings
# Front Swaybar end link bushing kit

~1999-04 GT HT

i was looking at purchasing all of this anyone have it? what is your opinion, what is a similar package for similar price from steeda or someone else, how would the car handle? any other info?
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I have the front and rear(IRS) MM Bilstein/Hypercoil coilover kits on my 01 Cobra and the MM Chasis Package (Full Subs, Strut Tower, K brace) and I love it. If you can, save up for the coilovers, they give a much better ride and are fully adjustable. I would definetly recommend any MM parts to anyone wanting a Mustang that can handle like its on rails.