AOD and nitrous what gears?


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Feb 21, 2003
las vegas
I have a 92 lx that is pretty much stock.I have an AOD and 25.5 inch tires and plan to add 100-150 shot of nitrous in january.I have searched the forums on gears but I havent really found a set up close to what I am planning. Should I go with 3.73 or 4.10 gears. :shrug: The reason I ask is because I dont want to be red lining(spelled right?) at the end of the track.Thanx for the help. :banana:
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Stock motors dont make much HP past 5000 RPM. Spray will make it pull nicely to probably 5500 if it has to i'd guess [more if you want...] But... one thing too, is that nitrous makes big torque. If it were mine, i'd go with a good 2800 RPM convertor so you can load the convertor and spray off the line - slicks needed :banana: , some 3.55s on a 26" tire or 3.73s on a 28" tire. Let the torque do its thing since its not a high winding setup anywho....

Remember a 255 L/hr intank pump, and like the others have said some cooler plugs, and low timing, and IMO some 100 octane unleaded fuel too for safety factor. Some have run pump gas with a 125-150 shot, thats cool, I just prefer to have a little extra octane there instead of grabbing 3rd or 4th and maybe hearing that "pingy" "pingy" noise cause then it could be too late. It will handle the 150 HP hit fine long as you do all the needed stuff.