Drivetrain AOD Front Pump Seal Replacement Advice


Mar 1, 2018
Columbus MS
87 BII, 5.0L, AOD.

I recently pulled the engine when I upgraded the heads. While removing the engine, a small amount of trans fluid leaked when the torque converter came forward while remaining attached to the flexplate. Leaking stopped when I repositioned the torque converter.

Today, while reinstalling the engine, I again lost some trans fluid when the flexplate pushed up against the torque converter.

Since all was fine prior to removing the engine, I'm thinking I may have damaged the AOD's front pump/torque converter seal.

My questions are this: would it be possible to replace the front pump seal with the trans still in the vehicle? Would it be possible to replace the seal with the front pump still installed or would it be best to remove the front pump first? Finally, would it just be best to remove the transmission and do all work off the vehicle?

As always, I appreciate any help or feedback you can offer.

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Its entirely possible to replace the front seal w the trans in the car, remove the torque converter, and then use a seal puller to remove old seal and then carefully pound in new seal.