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Apr 4, 2005
Ottawa, Ontario
Hi guys. I need advice. I have an 89 gt vert with 3:73 gears and advanced timing, headers and cat back exhaust and shift kit. The only thing I will be doing in the future is porting my lower intake or maybe go all out and get a cobra intake. I wanted to get a new stall converter. I went to a transmission shop and I mentioned to the guy that I want a higher stall converter. I told him that I don't take the car to the track. I only drive the car in the summer and that I just want a little bit more kick. He told me that I shouldn't go higher that a 2000 stall or my tranny will be toast after a bit. Is he right? I asked about a 2200 stall and he was pretty adament about killing my tranny(25 yrs in the tranny business). my quetion is as follows: Will a 2200 stall be too much? Will a 2000 be alright? This whole torque converter stuff is confusing. All I want is a little more kick.

Thanx in advance
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He is 'maybe' right. My aod has a 3000 stall and should last a long time. So far it only has 10 or 15k miles on it. To go high stall on an aod you NEED a 1 pc input shaft from Art Carr or TCI or Lentec. The problem is when you hit 3rd and the transmission goes into direct drive. The skinny direct driveshaft snaps. You also NEED a big cooler.
you wont even notice a diff with a 2000 stall, i think a 2500 would be ok unless you drive the thing all day long every day, even then a 2500 is not real high stall, before i put much less than say 2400-2500 stall in it might as whell use the stock one
If you put a trans cooler on it you'll be fine. The higher stall converter will generate more heat than the stock radiator mounted cooler can dissipate thus cooking your trans. Put a nice stacked plate cooler on it even if you don't get a larger stall converter.

I have a 3000 rpm lentech converter that will be going in my 93 in the next few weeks and I have no worries about "toasting" my trans. Personally I wouldn't even consider putting a 2000 rpm stall in. I believe that the stocker is around 1600 so you wouldn't be gaining much. Try a mild street edge converter. Basically just a restalled stock converter.

Good luck and put a cooler on that thing as soon as possible.