Fox Aod shifter cable missing hardware


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Feb 3, 2022
Plymouth Massachusetts
So I have a bm hammer shifter in my 91 mustang gt automatic aod with a lmr seems like the hammer shifter is broken so I'm trying to put the stock shifter back in and I'm having no luck at all, I have new plastic bushing what can I use to make this work
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So after taking the cable off the car they drilled out the holes on the shifter bracket and my issue is I'll adjust the cable with both in od then I'll have park but not 1, what's been some of the main issues with the BM hammer shifter? I got to shift it and it moves but the gear selector doesn't move,it's hard to explain and I can't find a diagram for the shifter cable route and this aod selector that goes in the bushing is junk so any hardware I could use would be great and what to do with the black sleeve on the shifter cable,I read ita for installing it I'm trying to sell it so I just need this to work thank you


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Not sure if this'll help but, it's a '93 AOD with factory Mustang shifter/linkage but it's not in a Mustang.
This is cable routing.......

P1010001_17 (2).JPG

Looks like your PO's may have elongated the holes on the bracket. Here's the factory bracket mounting.......



Here's the shifter cable/lever in Park position.......

Now mine had a clamp that held the cable to the floorboard I can't find any install videos for the stock cable and the blue thing moves with the black sleeve ,I'm just not sure if it's the huge holes in the bracket or the hammer shifter is broken I'll have to watch more videos and read up on putting the stock aod shifter back in thank you for the reply I just wanna sell the car